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Senior Bra

SeniorBra® High Waist Leak Proof Panties black sale

SeniorBra® High Waist Leak Proof Panties black sale

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5 Reasons Why Women With Heavy Leaks Can't Live Without This Underwear

Here are the big 5 reasons why ladies who leak 2+ times per day are throwing out their pads & switching to these leakproof underwear. 

They're giving women a cost-savings alternative to itchy pads – No more bulks, bumps, or thick padding showing through your pants!

1. Made for women who deal with heavy leaks

These are NOTHING like flimsy store-bought underwear that over-promises on leak relief... Our MaxProof panties were made for women who leak 2, 3, even 6+ times per day.

They're lined with 4 layers of heavy absorption padding.

2. Solves "The Big 3" problems of a leaky bladder

  • Smells – MaxProof panties neutralizes odors before causing a scene

  • Wetness – This underwear prevents dried pee from leaving your skin red and itchy. MaxProof wicks the wetness off your thighs & private parts. 

  • Surprise Leaks – With 4-layers of seamless padding, leaks will never reach your pants again. MaxProof prevents stains & keeps you protected 24/7.

    3. Saves a boatload of cash (every single month)

MaxProof panties are reusable & machine washable – They last as long as normal underwear does!

That means, no more single-use pads or inserts cutting into your weekly paycheck. MaxProof is a "one-and-done" deal that saves you over $300+ a year.

4. Replaces (or combines)  your favorite leak-proof solutions

While MaxProof works standalone for 90% of women, some ladies like to combine them with reusable pads – It's up to you! 

We guarantee you'll feel more confident & more secure with MaxProof on your side.

5. Backed by 70,000+ women who experience heavy leaks (just like you)

We've heard it all – "Do leakproof panties really work... I've tried similar panties before, no luck..."

Well, MaxProof is backed by over 70,000+ women who leak multiple times a day. The proof is in the pudding...

MaxProof is the #1 leakproof underwear for women with heavy leaks. PERIOD!

We are committed to research and development Women's Extra-Large Size Underwear

No More...


Rushing to Restrooms

Single-Use Waste

If you don’t know the size of your underwear, you can order it by weight. You can also order it according to the size chart.��


 2023 Latest Design, quick absorbs and lock Liquids and keep your underwear dry, No odor all day long!

How does Leakproof Panties Work?

Our panties come with three layers of leak-proof protection material:

Close to skin:Comfortable Fabric Layer

We make our panties of 92% cotton and 8% spandex to give you ultimate comfort, dry, with Maximum Coverage



Middle:Hygroscopic and Leakproof Layer

2022 Latest development of leak-proof materials, Quick absorbs 30-50 mL of liquid and lock them in, which is equivalent to 2-3 standard tampons or pads. And keep your panties dry at all the day!

Outermost Layer:Breathable Antibacterial Layer

Panties from odor-suppressing textile that keeps all your smells from spreading.24 hours strong antibacterial, close protection, away from itching


Washable & Reusable

You don’t need to worry about replacing your leak-proof panties because you can machine-wash them as many times as you want without losing their effectiveness.



Pads and tampons and applicators are the 5th most common plastic found floating in our oceans - that’s so deadly for marine life. Most women will use as many as 11,000 disposable menstrual pads and tampons in their lifetime! Over 12 billion tampons and pads are thrown out, 90% of those are made from plastic that cannot be broken down. It takes roughly 600 years for a tampon or pad to degrade in a landfill.



Our leakproof underwear lasts an average of 3 years  which means you’re personally eliminating thousands of unnecessarily tossed pads or tampons. Best part? You’re saving a bundle of money  not buying all those indestructible pads or tampons.


It’s simple; there isn’t a better undie product on the market that gives you the kind of peace of mind our underwear can give. 

✅Combat Smells. Feel Fresh and odor-free throughout your period. 
Great Backup. Perfect partner to your menstrual cup, tamponsor pads.
Environmentally Friendly. Mindfully help to save the planet and save yourself money. 
Stay Safe. Not sure when your period will start? Be 100% dryand ready anytime.
Prevent Leakage. Whether you’re managing incontinence or light bladder leaks (LBL). 
Live an Active Lifestyle. Stay dry, confident, and stress-free during sports and workouts.  

Depending on your flow, Our Leakproof Underwear can replace pads, tampons, liners, & cups, or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection. 

100% Private Shipping

We will keep the package private to protect your privacy 100%, in a sense, only you know what you have purchased





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